Lanzhou Bureau - Baiyin Area

A few photos of freights and passengers on the Baiyinxi - Baiyin - Changzheng - Honghui branch taken during visits to the Baiyin Mineral Railway in 2009 and 2014. The line runs through a barren desert landscape and carries a lot of coal traffic from the mines around Changzheng. In 2009 the line still used the DF4Bs that took over from steam in the 1990s but by 2014 DF8Bs had taken over.

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Beijing Bureau - Beijing City

China’s capital has seen a huge variety of traction over the years, although steam had been banished from the city centre long before I first got there. These pictures show several different classes of diesel and electric locos, DMUs and EMUs, including a CRH High Speed Train, in and around the main station from the early 1990s onwards.

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Shenyang Bureau - Tonghua Area

Tonghua lies in the far south-east of Jilin Province, close to the North Korean border and well away from the main traffic centres of the North-East. Despite this it's one of the most rewarding places to photograph trains with glorious scenery, especially in the autumn, reasonable traffic levels and varied and colourful motive power. Most of these pictures were taken on an October 2008 trip.

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Shenyang Bureau - Shenyang Area

Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province and a major rail centre. In addition to the usual attractions, China's first railway museum was located alongside Sujiatun depot, south of the city. These pictures feature the usual mix of QJs, JSs, the occasional Pacific and diesels of classes DF4, DF4D and ND5.

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Shenyang Bureau - Jinzhou Area

Jinzhou lies on the Beijing - Shenyang main line and was a major division point in steam days. There are only three pictures here but they range from a Pacific hauled passenger train in 1985 to an electrically hauled mail train on China's first purpose built high-speed line.

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Shenyang Bureau - Jilin Area

In the mid 1980s Jilin was Pacific City with SL6 and RM Pacifics handling most passenger trains on all four lines from the city. Jilin's SL6s were the last in traffic and feature heavily in these pictures. There are JFs, JSs, QJs and a token diesel as well.

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Shenyang Bureau - Changchun Area

Changchun lies on the Harbin - Shenyang main line and was a busy division point in steam days as well as being the capital of Jilin Province. It's also the junction of secondary main lines to Da'an and Jilin. These photos include RM and SL6 Pacifics as well as some of the earliest QJs. Diesels are represented by several classes including DFH3 and DF4C.

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Lanzhou Bureau - Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous images from around Lanzhou Bureau in China's west.

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Lanzhou Bureau - Lanzhou to Wuweinan

The railway from Lanzhou to Wuweinan forms a vital link in the route connecting the northwestern province of Xinjiang with the rest of China. This gallery shows the line in steam days, when it was single track and steeply graded, as well as the new, fast, electrified, double track main line completed in mid 2006 with the opening of the 21 km Wushaoling base tunnel.

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Harbin Bureau - Miscellaneous

A selection of photos from around Harbin Bureau. Virtually all diesels at the moment.

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Harbin Bureau - Mudanjiang Area

Mudanjiang is Heilongjiang's third city and lies in the far south east of the province, close to the Russian border. The city lies on the route of the original Trans Siberian Railway and the lines in the surrounding area are both scenic and fairly busy. There is a good variety of traction in use including DF8 class diesels. This gallery contains pictures taken around Mudanjiang itself and near Jixi, a large mining centre 120km to the north.

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Harbin Bureau - Harbin Area

Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province and one of Manchuria's major rail hubs with busy main lines radiating in five directions. These pictures were taken around the city in steam days and more recently on the Mudanjiang line.

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Harbin Bureau - Bei'an Area

Bei'an is a farming town and sleepy railway junction in the north-west of Heilongjiang. Railway-wise, It's main claim to fame is as the interchange between CR and the Heihe Local Railway, operator of the long line north to Heihe on the Russian border. I first visited the area in 1999 when high deflector JS and QJ class steam locos were still common. By 2008 when I returned, the exotic class DF7D diesels that had ousted steam had themselves been displaced by standard DF4Bs. Both trips feature in this gallery.

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Beijing Bureau - Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous pictures from around Beijing Bureau.

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Beijing Bureau - Datong to Qinhuangdao

This line was built in the late 1980s to transport coal from the Datong coalfield to the port of Qinhuangdao, east of Beijing. In order to avoid the Beijing metropolitan area, it runs through the mountains north of the capital utilising a succession of bridges and tunnels to conquer the difficult terrain. Trains are heavy, frequent and electrically hauled by class SS4G locomotives.

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Beijing Bureau - Beijing to Taiyuan

The line from Beijing to Taiyuan has to cross a range of mountains immediately west of Beijing and does so by following the spectacular Juma River Valley. Bridges, tunnels and superb photo locations abound, particularly around Shidu, a small resort town popular with the locals. These photos were taken in Autumn 2006 and features locos of classes DF4C, DF4D and the rare twin-unit BJs.

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Beijing Bureau - Beijing to Longhua

China has been expanding its rail network steadily since the Liberation of 1949. The line to Longhua and Chifeng wasn't built until the late 1970s and didn't open until 1981. It is possible that the line was diesel worked from the start as many of the locos in use today date from the early 1980s. It's a scenic route through mountainous terrain with many tunnels and bridges. These photos were taken in September 2006 and October 2008. Locomotives of classes DF4, DF4D and DF8B feature.

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Beijing Bureau - Beijing to Chengde

The Beijing - Chengde line was popular with steam enthusiasts in the early 1990s as it provided main line steam action in attractive scenery little over an hour's drive from Beijing airport. The line was built in the late 1950s and runs through attractive mountainous country and features severe gradients. It is currently worked by class DF4 diesels, including some early examples. These pictures were taken in the 1990s and in 2006.

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