Fuxindi to Lindong

The JiTong Railway's easternmost 170 km are fairly nondescript but at Fuxindi the character of the line changed as it took to the hills and climbed for 20 km to the division point at Chabuga. After a loco change, trains crossed a gloriously wild prairie landscape with some significant climbs before reaching the water stop at Lindong.

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Lindong to Daban

Access to the 40 km section from Lindong through Dariqiga to Chaganhada was difficult for many years but a new road made things much easier during the last two years of steam working. Just as well as there were a number of good locations to photograph westbound trains as they climbed towards the summit beyond Chaganhada. Onwards to Daban was less photogenic but there were a number of attractive locations, particularly around Gulumanhan.

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Daban Depot

Daban was one of two major depots on the JiTong Railway and serviced a large fleet of QJ class 2-10-2s from the line's opening at the end of 1995 until the completion of dieselisation in December 2005. This gallery contains pictures taken on two visits in December 2003 and close to the end in September 2005, when the depot was being converted to service the line’s diesels.

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Daban to Dabaliang (Summit)

This was the east side of Jingpeng Pass, a superbly photogenic stretch of railway abounding with excellent locations. The section from Galadesitai to Dabaliang (the summit) was particularly good, with viaducts, tunnels, steep gradients and horseshoe curves providing the perfect backdrop against which to photograph pairs of hard working QJ class 2-10-2s.

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Dabaliang (Summit) to Majiazi

The west side of Jingpeng Pass was even more spectacular and photogenic than the east with more viaducts, tunnels, steep gradients and horseshoe curves but with better vantage points and heavier trains. This section included the magnificent Simingyi Viaduct, the signature structure of the whole line. West of Jingpeng, the line headed off into the desert after crossing yet another magnificent viaduct.

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