Snowfield Silhouette

Tunnel 2

Prime Location

Blast Off

On The Ledge


How Green is my Valley?


Shangdian Distant

Heading West

Approaching Shangdian

Approaching Hadashan

Shovelling Coal, Boiling Water

Tunnel 4

A New Old Engine

Taking The Long View

Around The Bend

Head For The Hills

Green Light

Blowing In The Wind

Perfect Harmony


Dwarfed By Mountains

An Unconventional Viewpoint

Bridge 2

Steam in the Snowscape 1

Steam in the Snowscape 2

Snow Cover

Go For The Glint

Coal Drag

Steam And Shadow

A Change Of Plan

Coal Drag

Brickworks Viaduct

Black Smoke

Misty Morning

Corn Stooks

JIngpeng Dawn

An Impressive Bridge

Tunnel Vision

Simingyi Viaduct

Dragging Coal

Erdi Brickworks

Jingpeng Brickworks

Approaching Hadashan

The Quarry

Steam Trails

Water Stop

Jingpeng Departure

Around the Bend

Towering Exhausts

Biligou Viaduct

Across The Valley


Train In The Landscape

Three Trains

Tunnel 4 No More

Hard Going


Approaching Tunnel 4

Downhill Diesel

Double DF4Ds

Autumn Colours

Wind's Wrong


New Coal Wagons