Bringing in the Harvest

Harvest Time

Semaphore Signalled

Reshui Reflections

All Clear

Distant Hills

The Approaching Storm

Sandi Straight

Typical Light

Cold and Clear

Steaming the Light Fantastic

Climbing to Liudigou

The Green Hills of Reshui

Approaching Tunnel 6

Early Arrival

A Cold Wind Blows

By Dawn's Early Light

Green Hills and Glint Light

Liudigou Curve

Flower Power

Above Liudigou

Sandi at Sundown

A Blustery Day

Catching the Light

Late Harvest

Sandi Sunrise 1

A Close Shave

Good Clouds

Sandi Sunrise 2


Steam in the Sunset

Datong Built

Wenduheshuo 1

The Blue Board

Shunting Linxi

Yuzhoudi "S"

Sandi Sundown

A Line In Transition

Wenduheshuo 2


Steam Bows Out

Return to the Pass


Extra Express