First Light at Chabuga

Scorching the Ballast

Inaugural DMU Service

On the Climb to Chabuga

Summertime Greens

Spot-on Sunset

On the Climb to Lindong

Another Trip Over

Off To Works

The Diesels Arrive

Flying '51

Farewell Old Friend

Horseshoe Curve

The Great Plains

Homeward Bound

Just In Time


Big Sky Country


Curving Climb From Chabuga

Another Curve

Pink Smoke

Prairie Thunder

Oil Tanks

Westbound Passenger

A Cloudy Day

Concrete Pole Alley

Wind and Light

A New Day Dawns

It's Just School Physics

QJ 6911 At Speed

Marching Westward

Xinglongdi Bank

Lindong Hill 1

Charging The Bank

Storming Departure

Semaphore Signals

Afternoon Freight

Raw Power

Lindong Hill 2

Curving Into the Light

Bright And Early

Making Smoke

Right Time, Wrong Time

Lindong Sunrise

QJ 7040

Game Over

Hard Going

Prairie Passenger

Playing Chicken

Night Passenger

The Last Morning