Miscellaneous Industrial Railways

A collection of pictures from various industrial railways across China including Peitun, Yanzhou, Yongcheng, Zaozhuang, Jiawang, Huludao and Bajiaotai.

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Pingzhuang Mining Railway

Pingzhuang is home to an extensive mining railway serving five deep coal mines and an opencast pit. The opencast electric system has recently closed but the deep mine system is still active and worked by a small fleet of SY class 2-8-2s. Traffic levels aren’t high but it’s still possible to get some good shots.

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Baotou Steelworks

Baotou Steelworks was one of the first industrial locations I visited in China. In the 20 years since that 1988 visit, the locomotive fleet has changed significantly with SYs and diesels replacing the ET7s, JFs, JSs, XK13s and YJs. These pictures were taken in March 2008 as steam operations drew to a close. Other pictures from previous trips will be added as time permits.

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Dayan Mining Railway

Dayan lies in the far north-east of Inner Mongolia and is the location of a number of coal mines and a power station, all linked by a railway system. The line was totally steam worked until 2006 when the first diesels arrived.

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Gongwusu Mining Railway

Gongwusu is located in western Inner Mongolia, near the border with Ninxia and well off the beaten track. Hardly surprising that it wasn't discovered until 2007 and has seen few western visitors. It's not very busy and gets by with one working engine most of the time. However, there are a few pleasant locations for those who are patient enough to wait for soome action.

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Yuanbaoshan Mining Railway

The Yuanbaoshan Mining Railway serves a number of coal mines and a major power station south of Chifeng in eastern Inner Mongolia. The line's main claim to fame was its fleet of smoke-deflector fitted JS class 2-8-2s. These attractive engines were kept very clean and made excellent photographic subjects.

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Zhalainuo'er Mining Railway

This large opencast mine in the far north east of Inner Mongolia was entirely steam worked by a large fleet of SY class 2-8-2s. Imagine Clapham Junction transplanted into the Grand Canyon and you get the idea. This was almost certainly the most spectacular steam location to survive into the 21st Century. The opencast mine system closed in 2009.

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