Benxi Steelworks

Benxi Steelworks still used some unusual steam locomotives in 1992, including a USATC 0-6-0 tank and an 0-4-0 fireless. There are a couple of diesels and electrics here as well.

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Miscellaneous Industrial Railways

A collection of pictures from various industrial railways across China including Peitun, Yanzhou, Yongcheng, Zaozhuang, Jiawang, Huludao and Bajiaotai.

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Fuxin Mining Railway

Fuxin, in Liaoning Province, has been a major coal mining centre for many years. The industry is now in steep decline and a number of the area's mines have recently closed, robbing the railway of much of its traffic. The extensive electric system serving the opencast mine has largely closed and the remnants have been dewired. The remaining lines are mainly steam worked, albeit with reduced traffic and a couple of diesels handling some of what remains. The passenger service ceased in mid 2012.

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Fushun Mining Railway

The opencast mine at Fushun was developed in the early years of the 20th Century and is served by an extensive electrified rail system. These pictures were taken on two trips over 20 years apart, in December 1984 and October 2008, and show various classes of locomotive including a KD6 2-8-0, three different types of electric loco and, unusually for China, an EMU.

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Beipiao Mining Railway

This small coal mining system centred on the town of Beipiao had just received its first diesel a short time before we got there in late 2010. There was still some steam activity but the diesel had already taken over the bulk of the work and a couple of the older SYs were already being scrapped behind the depot. Most of the rest sat in the shed, stone cold and with nothing to do.

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Beitai Steelworks

Beitai Steelworks has long been one of the most difficult industrial locations to photograph steam but official visits recently became possible, at a price. We had a two day visit in November 2011 and found it a fascinating and rewarding place to photograph steam locomotives at work as well as other aspects of the steel production process such as pouring iron and slag tipping.

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Nanpiao Mining Railway

Nanpiao's mines are running down and the whole system had an air of decline about it. However, the line is steeply graded and runs through attractive country so it was possible to get good pictures in steam days, particularly if there was some snow on the ground. The line is now totally dieselised.

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Tiefa (Diaobingshan) Mining Railway

This busy operation links several large coal mines in the Diaobingshan area, north west of Shenyang and was 100% steam worked until 2004. Most of the passengers were still worked by SYs until recently. The area is largely flat and infested with concrete poles, making conventional photography difficult. However, at sunrise and sunset, it came into its own.

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