Miscellaneous Industrial Railways

A collection of pictures from various industrial railways across China including Peitun, Yanzhou, Yongcheng, Zaozhuang, Jiawang, Huludao and Bajiaotai.

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Sandaoling Mining Railway

Sandaoling, near Hami in the remote north-western province of Xinjiang, is home to the last steam worked opencast mine railway in the world. Rail operations within the pit are being scaled down as trucks and conveyors take over. Trains over the long line through the desert to the CR interchange went diesel in early 2010 but there are still more working steam locos at Sandaoling than anywhere else on the planet. The railway rosters a mixed fleet of over 20 JS class and a few SY class 2-8-2s.

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Fula'erji Industrial Railways

Fula’erji is an industrial town on the Nenjiang (Nen River) about 30 km south-west of Qiqiha’er and is home to a number of large industrial plants, several of which have their own rail systems. This gallery contains pictures of the smart JS class locos working at the No.2 Power Station and the scruffy SY class at the Heilongjiang Chemical Plant.

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Gongwusu Mining Railway

Gongwusu is located in western Inner Mongolia, near the border with Ninxia and well off the beaten track. Hardly surprising that it wasn't discovered until 2007 and has seen few western visitors. It's not very busy and gets by with one working engine most of the time. However, there are a few pleasant locations for those who are patient enough to wait for soome action.

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Pingdingshan Mining Railway

The Pingdingshan Coal Company runs one of the most extensive industrial railways in China. The system serves over a dozen mines in the Pingdingshan and Baofeng areas of Henan Province in central China and used around 20 steam locomotives of three different classes before dieselisation.

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Yuanbaoshan Mining Railway

The Yuanbaoshan Mining Railway serves a number of coal mines and a major power station south of Chifeng in eastern Inner Mongolia. The line's main claim to fame was its fleet of smoke-deflector fitted JS class 2-8-2s. These attractive engines were kept very clean and made excellent photographic subjects.

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