Baiyin Mineral Railway

The Baiyin Non-Ferrous Metals Company operates a number of mines and smelters in the Baiyin area of Gansu Province in northwestern China. The company produces copper, aluminium and other metals and the complex is served by a network of railways that extends out of the industrial area into the mountains to the north. The whole operation was steam worked with a small fleet of SYs providing the motive power for ore, chemical and passenger trains. The first diesels arrived in early 2010.

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Yaojie Industrial Railways

The mining town of Yaojie is blessed with two industrial railways, one heading south through a spectacular gorge to connect with CNR in Haishiwan and the other serving an aluminium smelter and a ferro-alloy works up the Datong River valley north of town. At the time of our November 2005 visit both lines were steam worked but the first diesel arrived on the southern line a few weeks later.

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