Benxi Steelworks

Benxi Steelworks still used some unusual steam locomotives in 1992, including a USATC 0-6-0 tank and an 0-4-0 fireless. There are a couple of diesels and electrics here as well.

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Pingzhuang Mining Railway

Pingzhuang is home to an extensive mining railway serving five deep coal mines and an opencast pit. The opencast electric system has recently closed but the deep mine system is still active and worked by a small fleet of SY class 2-8-2s. Traffic levels aren’t high but it’s still possible to get some good shots.

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Fushun Mining Railway

The opencast mine at Fushun was developed in the early years of the 20th Century and is served by an extensive electrified rail system. These pictures were taken on two trips over 20 years apart, in December 1984 and October 2008, and show various classes of locomotive including a KD6 2-8-0, three different types of electric loco and, unusually for China, an EMU.

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Hegang Mining Railway

Hegang is another town that's been a major mining centre for many years and is now in decline. Like Fuxin, much of the system is electrified but a significant proportion of traffic is hauled by SY class 2-8-2s. These pictures were taken on a short visit to the depot at Hegang in 2005 and a longer stay in March 2007, just before steam gave way to diesels.

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Jiayang (Shibanxi) NG Railway

This isolated narrow gauge operation is an absolute delight. The scenery is superb, the gradients are steep, the rolling stock is in a class of its own and the locals are friendly. All it needs is some sunshine to bring it to life. The catch is that this part of Sichuan experiences more cloudy, wet weather than Manchester. Fortunately the clouds do break occasionally.

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