Wangying Passenger

The West is Red

Pride in the Job

An Unwelcome Development

Wulong Yard

Golden Rails

Three of a Kind

Vigorous Departure

Sunset Spoil Empties

A Good Crowd

Diesel Passenger

Spoil Tip Junction


Coal Empties

Clean Machine

Steam Passenger

Blast Off

Tight Spot

Ash Train

SYs on Shed

Cleaning Stop

Drifting Down

Fading Light

Consecutive Numbers

Oiling Up

Friendly Banter

Zhu De Hao

Working Downhill

City View

Empty Stock

Preparing to Leave

A Watchful Eye

Tip Top


At The Depot

Oldest Survivor

Opencast Tip


As The Sun Dropped

Shift Change

Time For A Chat

In The Minority

Works Shunter

The Morning After

Preparing For Action

Waiting To Go

The Highest Point


Lifting Exhaust

Sunset Tip