Beichang Washery

Concrete Castles


Dongchang at Dawn

A Hive of Activity

Blast Off

Loading Coal

Here We Go Again

Dongchang Shuttle 1

Dongchang Shuttle 2

Perfect Timing

Golden Glow

The East Is Red


Head To Head

Murky Morning

SYs At Rest

Attacking The Grade

Snow Shower

Shift Change

Steam Cleaning

Dawn Departure


The Morning Run

Three in a Row

Beichang Bound

Approaching Zhengyang

Dongchang Afternoon

Sunset at the Swamp

Spoil Train

SY In Profile

Spoil Train

The Hoppers

Misty Morning

Royal Train

SY in Silhouette

Dawn at Dongchang

Dongchang Loader

Big Sky Country

East End Empties

Unusual Working

Sunset at Spoil Tip Junction

Clean Machine

Xinghua Spoil

On Top Of The World

A Welcome Splash Of Colour

Rerouted Hoppers

Charging The Bank

A Grand Finale

Soft Light


Long Train

From the Tip

Strong Wind

Pushing Back

Afternoon Hoppers


Twilight Trundle

Two Spoil Trains

Approaching Xinghua Tip

All Change at Nancheng

The Poles Go Up

Poled In

Goodbye Chengzihe