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The Salzburg - Linz line is one of Austria’s principal main lines, carrying trains from Innsbruck and München towards Wien. It’s a busy, double-track, electrified route with plenty of loco hauled international and domestic passenger trains and freights, all running through attractive countryside.
The line climbs from Salzburg to a summit near Ederbauer, around 35km to the east. From there it follows the rivers Vokla, Ager and Traun to the city of Linz on the Donau (Danube), 125km from Salzburg.

The countryside is a picturesque mixture of farmland and forest, with a scattering of villages and small towns. It's undulating rather than mountainous but still requires a route with plenty of curves, embankments and cuttings, all of which add to the photographic appeal.

As would be expected, Austria's principal main line electric classes can be seen here as well as a smattering of locos from neighbouring countries and independent operators.
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