Chinese Narrow Gauge Steam Videos

Videos of narrow gauge steam in China by Bryan Acford.


034 at speed near Pinglin with the morning passenger from Weihe on 11 March 2000.

Pinglin video clip


053 climbs away from Shuangfeng with a loaded timber train for Weihe on 9 March 2000.

Shuangfeng video clip


044 approaches the summit with a Huanan bound loaded coal train, banked by 043 on 21 September 2004.

Summit video clip


21043 passes a field of marrows on the climb from Tuoyaozi with a train of empties from Huanan on 22 September 2004.

Tuoyaozi video clip

Hunjiang Limestone Railway

Shortly before the electrification masts were erected on the Hunjiang Limestone Railway C2 664 climbs to the mine with a load of empties on 12/2/95.

Hunjiang Limestone Railway video clips