JiTong Railway Steam Videos

Videos of JiTong Railway steam by Bryan Acford.


An unidentified pair of QJs cross Brickworks viaduct long after sunset, March 2000.

Afterglow video clip

Summit Westbound

QJ 6905 & 6351 approach Dabaliang Tunnel with the 04:00 freight from Daban in February 2001.

Summit Westbound video clip

On the Ledge

QJ 6876 & 7009 are seen high above the valley floor between Tunnel 4 and Shangdian, February 2001.

On the Ledge video clip

Single Header

QJ 7041 approaches Shangdian late afternoon with the 12:30 goods from Haoluku, February 2001.

Single Header video clip

Last Light at Hadashan

QJ 6351 & 6996 catch the last rays of the sun on the approach to Hadashan in November 1999.

Last Light at Hadashan video clip

Against the Light at Hadashan

QJ 6639 & 7009 silhouetted against the snow between Tunnel 1 and the site of the future Hatashan station, November 1999.

Against the Light at Hadashan video clip

Shangdian Meet

A pair of QJs wait patiently with a westbound freight while a two more climb the last few yards to the summit in gorgeous late afternoon light, February 2004.

Shangdian Meet video clip

Chabuga Passenger

The daily Tongliao - Jiningnan passenger makes a spirited run up the bank from Fuxingdi to Chabuga, February 2004.

Chabuga Passenger video clip

Xiakengzi Flyer

QJ 7012 & 7009 accelerate through Xiakengzi with an eastbound freight on 18 September 2004.

Xiakengzi Flyer video clip

Dabaliang at Dawn

QJ 7063 & 7137 approach Dabaliang Tunnel with a westbound freight, early morning on 17 September 2004.

Dabaliang at Dawn video clip

Yuzhoudi Single

QJ 7119 on the Yuzhoudi "S" curve with a westbound train of oil tanks 16 September 2004.

Yuzhoudi Single video clip

Sandi Glint

QJ 7038 & 6850 catch the last light of the day climbing from Sandi with a westbound freight on 9 September 2004.

Sandi Glint video clip

Sandi Crossing

A flashback to March 1998 when there were no barriers at the level crossing and the passengers ran in daylight on alternate days. The loco is QJ 6576.

Sandi Crossing video clip

The Last Express

Miracles do happen, occasionally. In the summer of 2005, the JiTong Railway collaborated in the operation of a new express passenger train linking Hailaer, the largest city in the north east of Inner Mongolia, with Hohhot, the provincial capital. Although the end of steam working was only a few months away, the train was booked for QJ haulage between Chabuga and Daban, the first steam hauled express in China for over 3 years.

QJ 7030 was the regular engine but unfortunately it was a bit of a plodder and never seemed to work very hard. On the 6th of September, 10 days before the train's last run, QJ 7030 was used on the all stations passenger and QJ 7105 found itself on the express. The crew obviously realised they had a unique opportunity and took full advantage. The train is seen at speed climbing from Yamenmiao to Lindong.

This video is a joint Duncan Cotterill/Bryan Acford production. The clip is almost 2MB and the quality isn't the best but the noise is fabulous. TURN UP THE VOLUME before watching.

The Last Express video clip